Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kid Table Refinish

This refinish is 11 months in the making. My daughter got this for Christmas last year and i finally got around to making it pretty.

First, this table & chair set is LATT from Ikea and it cost $20 for the set. It's rather plain, but luckily it responds to a makeover rather well. Kind of like me. Second, i already had the spraypaint on-hand, so this project was free.

I wanted to keep the tops white, so i taped construction paper to the tops to protect it from the paint. Unfortunately for me, i'm pretty impatient so i used packing tape instead of waiting to pick up masking tape the next time i went out. It was a HUGE pain, but still better than waiting.

 And this is what it looked like all taped up.

So i took it outside and laid it on a heavy cloth tarp to spray it. I chose bronze for the table (it has a metallic finish i'm not sure you can really see in the pics) and blue for the chairs.

Much less of an eyesore, amiright??

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