Friday, June 21, 2013

Chris Smash

We. Are. Buried. you guys. There is so much going on i barely have time to ovulate.

One of the huge things going on is the bathroom renovation we're doing in Chris' dad's house. It was started a few months before we decided to move, was put on hold because of the moving, and now it's picked back up again now that we're living here.

Unfortunately, Chris didn't take Before pics, so i had to look up the house for sale across the street with a a floor plan that mirrors this one and grab pics of their bathroom that, unfortunately, was never updated. It was an exact mirror image of this one:

I should warn you now that all the pics in this post are iPhone pics. Here's the shower, right after chipping away a few tiles and removing the doors:

 Here's the tub (kind of a Before?) where you can see some of the tile choices:

Let the smashing commence!

Here's a shot of what it looked like like after all the tile was busted up:

Just a quick note - the toilet in this bathroom has its own little closed-off section. So in case you're like, "where's the toilet?" it is/was.

The next step, for this day/post, is to clean up so the real work can begin. Here are some Progress shots:

Here's where i'll leave you. The next installment will include some tile work, where Yours Truly gets her hands on a wet saw!

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