Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Look Inside

These pics were taken during our final walk-through. So we have done NOTHING to this house at this point, ok? So don't judge us by what you see, and know that we have a plan to fix it. And i'm omitting most bathrooms and closets.

This is what you'll see when you walk in the front door. Multipurpose room A to your right will become our open office:

To your left, you'll see Multipurpose room B, our "formal" dining room (we're going to attempt to use it as such, but honestly we're about as formal as a tuxedo t-shirt) and the bottom of our staircase. The staircase is actually the one thing that wasn't my favorite about the floorplan...

...because as soon as you walk in the door, you're invited upstairs. That's weird and honestly a little forward.

Lets get to know each other first and stay downstairs for a minute. If you go through the dining room, you'll find a butler's pantry and food pantry with the laundry room right across the way:

 Here's our living room:

The blinds were hung low to probably let in the light while still having privacy. I'm not a huge fan of that, and the extra rungs were clipped from the blind sets so there's no way i could move them up if i wanted. And have you noticed that there are FIVE different wall colors on this floor alone?? What a way to make such an open floor plan seem so choppy...

To the left is our kitchen with a tiny eat-in space. My plan for this is to extend the island outward and surround the extension with counter-height chairs. Can you see it??

Meanwhile, we'll just keep our bar table here until we save up the money and energy to do that huge project...I haven't even told Chris about it yet. That's how big it is. And the door leads to the back deck.

There's the door to the basement.

 Enormous. Capped off with a chalkboard wall and a kid-height mirror, both of which we're keeping. This room will be turned into a playroom of sorts...there'll be more on that later.

There's a "bedroom" and full bath down there as well for which you can see the doorways here:

It's a pretty nice sized room, which i don't think could legally be called a bedroom because of the small size of the window.

 Ok, now that you've seen my basement, you can come upstairs. Real mature.

The master bedroom is right at the top of the stairs through a pair of double doors, and it is huge:

Seriously, what are we going to do with this much space? "My head is spinning with the amount of activities we can do."

The master bathroom has a double sink. I can't wait for this.

And i guess we have to put the kids we shoved them in a couple rooms on the other side of the house. This will be my sons room, specifically because the closet is smaller. (Also, this photo is courtesy of MRIS as i totally forgot to take any Before's of his room.) He has two windows.

 This is where we'll put the girl kid:

And this fourth upstairs bedroom is pretty small (10'x10'), but perfect for guests as there will be no more Crider offspring from us.

That's it for now. These are the raw Before's and i can't wait to get started on the After's.

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