Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's Painted so it Stays.

How hard have y'all been craving an update on the wall saga?? Pretty hard? Well then, prepare to change your underoos. Here's where i left you all those years ago:
The wall itself still in need of trim, paint, and hardware. The inside of the office needed a lot of love as well and i was just the person to deliver. After i removed all the curtain hardware and patched up the holes, i began painting. Ceilings are the debil.
If you look closely at the picture above, you can see my brain.
Chris picked out the color (Behr's Cloud Burst*), and i slapped it on the walls. And i'm trying a new trick with the windows in this house and painting the border (is that what it's called?) in a semi-gloss white (Valspar's Ultra White**) as opposed to the wall color. I think this opens up the windows and makes them look more like windows and less like "holes to the outside." Does that make sense? The whole process sucks and is totally time consuming, but the result is worth it.
After the office was finished, i did the entire dining room (pictures later). Then after that, i painted the entire hallway (Behr's Chocolate Froth*) - ceiling, upstairs & downstairs walls, trim, and all doors. I do things. So here's where this leaves us:

Aaaannnd there's the dining room. Chris chose the color (Behr's Bayside) and i painted it. I don't love it, but i'm going to wait until we refinish the floors (we're going dark) before i recommend a change. Plus, i'm tired.

Let me remind you real quick where we started when we bought the place...
After we moved in:
And where we are now:

Same with the dining room:

We still have a LOT of work to do in both rooms, for starters getting a light fixture for the dining room that i don't want to set on fire and getting new bookcases for the office that aren't bowed in the middle.

*The type of Behr paint that we used was the superior ultra with the paint & primer in one and let me tell you that it made all the difference. I was able to change the blood red walls to the grandmotherly blue you see above in just ONE coat. I'm never getting the standard paint again.

**Valspar is the most terrible paint i've ever used. I've used their top-of-the-line in the bedrooms upstairs and had to do two coats in eggshell, still with touchup. And i cannot say enough horrible things about their semi-gloss paint in which we're forced to use on all our trim and doors. Three coats!? Why don't they just come on by and punch me in the face every hour?

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