Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Earth Day

There's no wrong way to celebrate earth day, except for maybe pouring oil straight down the throat of a baby seal or setting the Gulf on fire, BP. Cutting down a tree may or may not be on that list as well. I'm no expert. But it just so happens to be the way we celebrated last year.
We had this Japanese maple that was crudely pruned by the previous owners of the house and created a huge aesthetic problem for the yard:
It pretty much usurped the whole yard and made it quite difficult to grow the thick, lush grass you see in the pictures and didn't help at all with curb appeal seeing as how you couldn't see the bottom part of the house.
Quick backstory: when i was a young lass at home for the summers from cotillion school, my dad would trim the trees in our yard by removing a few branches. And by "removing a few branches," i mean "leave only a stump." Well, Dad, this post is for you.
I made my old man proud and removed a few branches.
And because i have weak girly muscles and sometimes need help lifting q-tips, i summoned my big-armed husband to Finish Him (Mortal Kombat).
As you can see, the view from our house is the broad side of someone else's house because wtf, layout committee?? But at least now you can see our house that's been banished somewhere off in the corner now that it's not being covered by some haggard tree.
Here's some before and afters...
Sexy, right? Sidenote: i wonder when they're going to make a Captain Planet movie.

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