Monday, October 1, 2012

Fancy That.

I love silhouettes. I also love German chocolate. This post is about the former.

I've kind of taken to painting my own silhouettes ever since i made this one for my son's room:
It was totally free as i already had the gold and the black paint on hand, and i found the brand-new-still-in-the-packaging canvas on the curb for trash day. You heard me...i stole it from the trash. It was also free-hand, as you can probably tell because his antlers look totally different.
Moving on, i was looking for something to fill the enormous void on our bedroom wall since we'll never ever get around to mounting a TV on the wall. Enter my favorite wedding picture:
So i turned it into this:
(Yeah - it's propped up on the guest bed since i also do my crafting in that room as well. I don't have what people call a "studio." Or a "table.")
I started off by using Microsoft Paint (shut up) because i don't have any poster-making fancyware. I just cut and pasted parts of this pic into Paint and made them all the same size, then moved them over to Word and printed them out. LIke i said: no fancyware. Don't judge me.
Then i got at it with my coke nail/Xacto knife:
After i cut them all out, I taped them together and put 'em on the canvas:
I traced it with pencil first...
And then followed it up with paint:
Then i filled it in. This is how poor people do things.
And here it hangs!
And since i feel the need to defend myself...
Soon on the list of things to do: ceiling fan.

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