Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Belly Casting

During my first pregnancy, my friends thought it'd be a good idea to get me a belly casting kit for Christmas to document my baby-smuggling. So i did it:

And it sat alone in the basement for 11 months. It wasn't until my daughter's first birthday that i decided to do something with it, so i grabbed by vase of fabric scraps and fabri-tac'd them to the cast.

And then i put it on display at her first birthday party to make everyone uncomfortable. (It worked.)

The second time around, i made a belly cast only because i did it the first time and i didn't want the second kid to be like, "what the eff, mom?" And i "upholstered" that one, too.

So now i have two belly casts sitting in the basement - don't know what to name them. If anyone out there has any suggestions with what to do with these casts (besides hanging them on the wall which i'll end up doing if i can't think of anything else, or turning them over and repurposing them as serving bowls), i'm all ears!

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