Monday, April 29, 2013


We love our house. It's our very first home and we've put so much love into it - both by building it up and making memories in it - that we've really made it our own.

Unfortunately, we're putting it on the market.

A very unique, limited-time opportunity was presented to us and we couldn't turn it down. The decision was super quick; on Tuesday we had no intentions of moving in the next few years and by Thursday, we'd contacted a few realtors. They came out and gave us some estimates, and so we decided to bite the bullet and put it up.

...And then go renting.

My generous father-in-law who lives across the country also has a townhome about 30 minutes away from here that we're going to rent for a few pennies a month so we can save up enough money to put a hefty down payment on our dream home. We're going to be there for approximately 1 year (though i'm hoping to be out by Christmas). And i mentioned before that this opportunity was limited-time, meaning that my father-in-law will be back to reclaim his house in a year and a half. So we'll have the chance to save a lot of money in so little time, we'll be settled in our own new home before the kids start school, and we might just be able to walk away with some pocket change from this sale. You've heard that saying about opportunity knocking? Well, opportunity pretty much just vomited into our mouths.

Of course i'm ridiculously sad and it's going to kill me when my almost-3-year-old asks to "go home." But i'm trying my best to look at it as taking one step closer to our possible Forever home. And i mean For.Ev.Er...i'm going out in that house a la Gilbert Grape's mom.

Here's what you can expect from this blog, kind readers: The same crap you've been reading. I am not done demanding attention.

Plus, Chris was already in the middle of remodeling his dad's master bathroom long before we decided to move there. So, you see, we cannot escape the projects and we'll keep up our time-consuming hobbies in the new place. There's even a small chance that we'd pay rent with our home projects (Um!?). You can continue to expect our ridiculousness on this blog; we'll just be surrounded by new walls.

Because that's all they are, right?

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