Wednesday, May 8, 2013

(Could've) Be(en) Our Guest

Surprise! We have/had a guest room! The good thing about the room is that it has blackout lighting since it's downstairs in our underground basement. (Yes, it sucks having a basement that isn't walk-out, but also means that it's pretty safe in a tornado/derecho so there's that.) Guests are able to sleep in late and wake up well rested IF they can sleep through two rabid children running around upstairs. Few people have accepted this challenge.

I'm still not going to show pictures of our basement due to its terribleness, but i'll show you the guestroom because although it's kind of tragic, it's functional. If for no other reason, these pictures are a semi-important part of a future post (dun dun dunnn).When you see these pictures, know that this house is very small thus space is very limited so we did what we could with what we had.

Alright then. Come on in.

The "headboard" for this bed is actually a room divider that Chris got for me for our first wedding anniversary.

Do you remember 13" TV screens? Hipsters be jelly. 

Does this dresser look familiar? I painted the drawers again to a grayish blue (trust). It'll become our dining room buffet in the new -temporary- house. The color is Behr's River Rock and i kind of love it.

Because the house is so small, as previously mentioned, my craft area/office drumset is also in the guest room. That is indeed a filing cabinet under there...i rescued it from the curb, spray painted it, and then mod-podged old maps on the drawer faces. It now stores my crafty things.

The view from the bed:

Here's the window, the only real source of natural light, and it looks out under the back deck so it's worthless. I sewed a small sheer and threaded a pressure rod through it to stop the enormous man-eating spiders from watching guests sleep. Now if only i could mask the horror that is that popcorn ceiling.

And this? I love this. It was a birthday gift from the most fantastic girl when she lived on an island. I am actually dreading moving it because its really delicate.

AAAANNND MEEEEE. With my workout hair. I really wish those lights above the bed were centered...

This is also what you can see in the mirror.

I couldn't bring myself to throw out the glider i used with my first kid. I ended up giving it to my dad & stepmom for their future grandkids.

So that was our guestroom. It no longer looks like this since we're packing everything up now, but whatever. Maybe our next guest room won't be so feminine? And maybe it'll be above ground so that when we have company i don't have to shove them in the basement?

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