Tuesday, March 5, 2013

YesterProjects: Dresser Revamp

This one dates back to January 2010, when we were snowed-in for an entire week. And now that i'm remembering - once we were able to use the roads, we just went and hung out at the mall. That's how bad our cabin fever was. 

Anyway, since we were trapped in the house, we decided to prep our impending daughter's room just a little bit. Enter this dresser: 

I don't know where this dresser originated/where my parents got it, but it first belonged to my little brother, then was handed down to my little sister, and then i took it with me to college.

Chris did the work for this one since i couldn't be around paint fumes. I was four months pregnant (ain't it always the excuse?) and this paint wasn't low VOC or whatever. I think it might have contained actual gasoline. He took it apart and lightly sanded it...

And then the priming happens. Because we've painted every room in the house at least once, we have our fair share of paint and primer on-hand, so there was no need to battle the treacherous roads.

And even though i couldn't paint, i COULD drill the holes for the new hardware, and i also lined the drawers with contact paper (not pictured) which took for.ev.er, so i wasn't completely lazy.

Here's the finished product:

Here are the Before&Afters right next to each other:

Suprisingly, we didn't keep that crap on top of the dresser. We instead topped it with a changing pad and a little diaper caddy:

So that worked for her nursery. Of course she ultimately ended up moving rooms and we bought her a brand new dresser on the cheap at Ikea that had drawers that wouldn't snap her little sausage fingers off. And then we bought a matching dresser in another color for our impending son, so this poor dresser is currently in our extremely feminine guest room/craft room, stuffed to the brim with fabric and craft supplies.

Whatever. It works.

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