Friday, March 1, 2013

Building the Deck.

This'll be short & sweet as i don't have any progress pictures because i was too busy being pregnant/devouring chickens and swallowing avocados whole while Chris was out there, by himself, building an entire deck out of scratch.

I helped level something off one time, but that's about it.

Anyway, short & sweet. Just Befores & Afters today.

The picture below is hardly a true Before, as Chris had already widened the stairs to the deck, and then we stained it. And that was our old dog, Holiday.

And here's the beautiful After. It's since been stained a little darker.

Too small for a good table. Also,very splintery and a little wobbly.

Widened and fresh! Even room enough for our firepit, which we put on four square stones when it's on the deck.

And here's looking down the stairs at the small patio we built (that was a team effort - i promise). Nice, right?

He did such a great job. And, just for proof that i was busy eating in no condition to help, this is the only progress picture there is:
I've really let myself go.

Now if i can only get rid of all mosquitos everywhere so i can convince Chris to spend any time out there at all without the firepit going...

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