Friday, March 8, 2013

YesterProjects: The Grandma Chair Revamp

Today's post is about a SUPER easy project i did a few years ago. I found this chair waiting to be trashed at my old office building and i snagged it up just as it was about to be taken. At first look, the chair was hideous:

But i really liked the lines, and i thought it'd be perfect as an occasional chair and as the chair for my sewing table. The first thing i had to do was try to take the cushion off...but that didn't work. I had no idea that these types of chairs were made with the cushions attached. That's like getting your ears pierced with permanent earrings, it really gives you nowhere else to go. So i settled for just ripping off the fabric, and then coating the chair with white spray paint.

While that dried, i found some fabric, formerly a curtain panel, in my stash that i thought would be appropriate and attached it with hot glue. I finished it off with some trim that was handed down to me from my great-grandmother's stash.

This is what i ended up with:

How do you like those wall colors? Should i have punched you in the face first to soften the blow?

Chris calls it my "grandma chair" and it currently sits in the guestroom/craft room, and i do use it as my sewing chair. And it works as I am, in fact, able to sit in it. Success!

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