Friday, August 16, 2013

Update on Internal Affairs.

One of my highest priorities as a parent is to make sure that my kids feel comfortable, secure, and at home. I want that for us big people as well, and it starts with everyone's own personal rooms in the house. That's why I've been giving the bedrooms the most attention in the beginning (Chris is busy with a larger project downstairs). There's one thing i should prepare you for, and that's the "curtains" in the kids' rooms. We have none. We had to nail blankets to the wall...a trick i learned from Kate Middleton. Also, take notice that we've replaced our carpets because i'll be offended if you don't. That ish was expensive. So now that you're prepared, here's a quick, pic-heavy update of our bedroom progression:

Boy Kid's Room:

(again...sorry for this.)

Still to do in Boy's Room: Curtains, Change out light fixture (he'll be getting the one that's currently in the Master), Switch him out of Nursery mode...but i'll drag my feet on that one.

Girl Kid's Room:

(She chose the top color herself)

Still To Do in Girl's Room: Curtains, Toddler bed to Full bed, Something for the wall over her bed

 Big People's Room:

Still To Do for Master: Switch light to ceiling fan, hang curtains, hang pictures, make better use of space

Not too bad for being here for three weeks, yes? And like i mentioned, we are working on a larger project downstairs so our efforts are being split. And again, the curtain thing will be rectified once i get the money and maybe an excellent coupon for JoAnn Fabrics, since i plan to make the curtains. And yes, i'm definitely making them. I'd need 108" panels, and for the cost of one of those panels, i can make a pair with blackout liner from JoAnn's. Because i'm craftypants.

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