Monday, June 30, 2014

"Tiny Adult" Room

My daughter has made the decision that she is an adult now and should do adult things...aside from changing diapers or doing anything that would remotely help me. Her excuse, while sticking to the point that she is in fact an adult, is saying, "I'm an adult, but i'm a tiny adult." I think she prefers it to "big girl" because i've recently started calling my son a "big boy" and, like most nice things, we can't have that.

So, she's a Tiny Adult. And as such, she can't be seen sleeping in a crib like some jerk baby. So she kicked her crib to the new baby's room, spit on it, and began working on her new bedroom.

Luckily,  my dad and stepmom did the majority of the furnishing. They gave us my sister's old twin bed, and two of their own nightstands that they've since replaced. I found the mid-century Basset dresser at a thrift store for $60. We got started painting them all to match.
I decided to chalk paint them, and i made my own by using 1 part plaster of paris, 3 parts paint, and water to mix. And i decided on chalk paint for two reasons: 1. No prep. Like, zero. and B. It gives a softer finish. I'd decided that the "distressed" look isn't for me, since that's the reason most people prefer chalk painting, but i still appreciate the chalky finish.
Now, the dresser is very lightly distressed. I'd made the decision that the distressed look wasn't for me after the fact. Ain't it always the way?
For all pieces, i used Behr's Ultra White in a flat finish for my DIY chalk paint. The dresser and the nightstands incorporate gray, which is Valspar in an eggshell finish which i also made chalk paint with. I got it in the Oops section at Lowe's for $5, and it's the same gray i used in the new baby's closet. I found that the flat finish was easier to work with than the eggshell finish. It also could have been the difference between Behr and Valspar paint, of which i strongly prefer the former.

After painting, i sealed everything with two coats of General Finishes polyacrylic in satin that i applied with a sock.

Here was her room before the transition:
We later on decided to switch out the drawers with the brown Malm dresser that was in the guest room, and it looked like this:
Here's the new Tiny Adult room:
I made her new tulle "poofs" to hang in her corner since she stood on the crib rails and shredded the previous tissue paper ones with her retractable claws. I feel like they're not big enough. Also, she'd want me to tell you that she picked out the drawer pulls. She went in thinking pink, but then she saw blue and had to have both. I would have went with a brushed nickel in a nice design, for what it's worth. ...Which is nothing, apparently.
Fun fact: My great grandmother made that quilt for me when i was a baby and now it's my daughters. Love.
Her bag hangs on her closet door, packed and ready to go to her grandparents' house at a moment's notice.
Her "office drawers" are a more preferable form of toy storage than one simple container.
She can actually see what's on her dresser. I will eventually get a large mirror to hang over it.
 I installed hooks in the middle of her closet door to hold her tutus, and her fancy princess dress hangs up a little higher so her brother "won't put his hands all over it."

That is what the room of a Tiny Adult looks like, in case you'd ever wondered.

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