Thursday, June 26, 2014

Back to the Drawing Board.

It seems that i'm pregnant again. Currently six months along and closing fast...thus not leaving me nearly enough time to put together another bedroom, seeing as how we've decided to put her (it'sagiiirrrlll) in the house instead of the garage.

We have dismantled the guestroom and moved it to the basement (oh yeah, we have a basement as of April 2014 because we actually had a tenant living down there since we moved in and no, he didn't convey. The more you know.) So what once was this:
 ...and was turned into this... looks a little like this:
Not pictured: the wall repair from removing those panels because GOOD GOD were those suckers on tight.
I'll first address the elephant in the room and come to the defense of that dresser. It makes sense in my head, ok? Sit back and trust me for a minute. Plus, aren't you ever sick of the color of your furniture and choosing between white and various shades of brown? This dresser needed to be yellow. Here's a look back at it's many stages:
 Phase 2: guest room/craft storage dresser - Behr's Swiss Coffee with River Rock drawers
Phase 3: second daughter's dresser - Behr's Lemon Zest with a semi-gloss polycrylic

Moving on, my intense nesting instinct that kicked in way before it should have had me focusing on the only unfinished part of the room: the closet. Still contractor/manilla folder yellow, trim unpainted, etc. Something had to be done, PLUS it wouldn't kill me to go through all that baby gear.
Once all of that mess was cleared out, i dismantled the shelving and had my bare bones:
I used some gray eggshell low odor/no VOC Valspar paint that i got for $5 in the Oops section of Lowe's a few months ago:
My original intention was to paint it and put it back together, but something about a moody blue wall and a dismal gray closet didn't make it feel welcoming to a new life. Call me crazy. It was worth the $12 for a quart of Behr's Wild Watermelon, which is the closest i was willing to get to the color pink. Not that i don't like pink, but i find it difficult to work with. And since i plan to use this color in a few other places in the room (that'll come later...) i decided to use it on the inside of the closet doors. I painted them between coats of trim paint.
Even with bright white trim and a salmon door, it wasn't enough. So i decided to put little on the inside of the closet as well. My daughter was super excited to help with this part. Just so you're not confused, that is indeed my hand holding up the stencil while she dabs the color on. She doesn't have one fully grown adult hand.
 We used the Wild Watermelon as well as Lemon Zest, the color of the dresser, to stencil. And no, i didn't measure or intend any rhyme or reason to the pattern. I thought it would look better at random. Up went the shelves, and it looks like this:
Once i went though the storage (i use diaper boxes because i have tons of both class and money), everything made a little bit more sense.
If i didn't plan to vomit color over this entire room, i would have painted the outside of the doors, too. I'm not opposed to the idea, but it may be a bit overwhelming with what i have in mind for the rest of the room so i'll just play that by ear.

There you have it; the beginnings of the newest nursery. The total cost (considering the gray paint, brushes, and rollers were already on-hand):

$12 Lemon Zest paint for the dresser
$12 Wild Watermelon paint for the doors
$1.30 for the stencil

$25.30. Not bad.

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