Thursday, August 21, 2014

Color Vomit 2014

You can finally unclench! It's time for the update of Operation: Nursery 3.0.

Here's where i last left you:
I've since done some updating and it now looks a little more like this:
(This is a single embroidery hoop painted with Behr's Wild Watermelon - the same color i did the closet in - and tied off with a yellow ribbon.)
I got the paper lanterns from Luna Bazaar.
There will be an enormous letter on top of the left bookshelf. I have two already made, but i didn't include either in the pictures because we won't know her name until we see her scrunchy, old man face.
Baby Cam:
There'll also be something on the empty shelf on the right bookshelf, but i'm not sure what. Maybe a gun rack?
For her "artwork," i took a canvas and painted it in the Behr's Wild Watermelon (are you sensing a theme?) and added a small message.
Of course i made the curtains. It's the Fredrika fabric from Ikea at $7/yard, and i got blackout liner from JoAnn's for $3/yard with a coupon. Total cost: $30. For an uber-cute 108" blackout curtain panel! And you see that red clock above the closet? My sister picked it up for me on a thrifting was originally gold, but some red spray paint spruced it right up.
I went back and forth with what to put on the broad wall. I'm over canvases, and both of my other kids love their memory boards so i decided to grab some ribbon and small nails and just give her a little memory wall.
I had some blue heart gems lying around (because who doesn't!?) and hot glued them to each of the joints. My older daughter has been populating it with her artwork...
Did you notice the fan? Our $25 builder-grade fan that Chris installed?
Finished product, that doesn't even knock around the paper lanterns as bad as i thought it would:
 I also made the two pictures you see above this bookcase:
(The frames were originally from the master bathroom and were there when we moved in:)
(Pic taken at walk-through)
But, moving on. I painted those frames in, you guessed it, Behr's Wild Watermelon, and began working on making stencils:
 Added glitter:
 Glued them on top of pretty cardstock:
The mirror above her dresser was purchased for $10 off of a FB yardsale site. The color was all wrong, but luckily i had some spray paint left over from the outdoor light project. So what was this...:
...turned into this:
There you have it. The almost finished nursery. A few finishing touches here and there and i'll be ready to spend hours upon hours per night in here with my boobs out. We're all excited! All of us! Even you!

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