Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Bump in the Road

In my experience with DIY projects, I've found that sometimes problems can arise that we otherwise would not have noticed if we had never taken on a project and it must be addressed in one way or another before continuing work. Kind of like that time in college you were getting it on with that hooker for like 20 minutes before you noticed a very effective tuck-job, but you were too invested in the process to walk away. You can trust me with your secret.

In our case, the tuck-job was a fairly uneven floor:

We debated whether or not it was super noticeable, and then when we decided that it was, we debated again on whether or not we should keep it there for what we call the "racetrack." (We race kids' ride-on toys  around the house in the evenings. Don't ask questions.) We pushed our excuses to the side and decided that now would be the time as all the trim is pulled up and the floorboards were easily removable.

So, we did just that.

I picked up a product from Home Depot called LevelQuik which is supposed to self-level.

Spread it around to fill what could have been an indoor pool:

And, to be smart, we did this while the kids were sleeping. We did not take the cats into account, however.

 Here's what it looked like when it was poured and level:

We let it dry overnight into the sexy cement you see below, then began to put the floor back together.

Moment of Truth: How does it feel when we ride on our daughter's PlasmaCar?

Smooth, my friends. Like butter.

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