Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Home Stretching...

Now that we have the drywall up, we can finally make the wall look like something that belongs in the house rather than an obstruction. Chris prepared it for priming, which means wiping down what's left of all that drywall dust. Even though i'm convinced, like some STD's, it'll never really go away. (I know. I gross myself out sometimes.) 

And we're primed!

Remember all that trim we removed? Well, we need to replace that. But first, lets remove more! Chris was unhappy with the door trim since it we didn't replace it after we put in our floors, and it didn't reach all the way to the floor. You can get a nice view of our popcorn ceiling on the way to the basement. And wouldn't you know that we would have halved that wall as well if it weren't for that terrible ceiling? Of course we could re-do it, but that's ridiculously labor intensive and we're tired.

Now it's time to cut the trim...

...and nail it back in place. We chose to continue the chair rail on the half wall because we thought it looked better. We had contemplated otherwise for a hot minute and thought it'd be weird with the color separation we have going on above & below the chair rail.

Time to put the top on the wall...

Here's what it looks like all trimmed out and painted. You probably haven't noticed - but we also painted the walls. The peach/cream color above the chair rail is GONE!  We replaced it with a color called White Truffle by Behr. The bottom color remains the same, and it's Chocolate Froth by Behr. Or, if you're a dude, the top color is white and the bottom color is gray. And we worked with colors next to each other on the same color card, which i think gives our small house a more fluid, more connected, and thus bigger feel.

See what i mean? It flows nicely. The bottom color, Chocolate Froth/Gray, is also the color in the kitchen and the living room. The top color, White Truffle/White, is the color we extended up the hallway.

That's right. That's the second project (the banister being the first - looking sexy, by the way) we've taken on during the great half wall project. We painted above the chair rail and all up the upstairs hallway. Two coats took five hours, and we tag-teamed it of course. And it felt so good to be working together on the same project just like the good old days. Nowadays i feel like we're split up so much because one of us has to corral young children at all times. But painting, though really tiring, was nice. Aw. I'm so romantic.

So, it's that time again. Here's where i left you before:

And here's where i'll leave you this time:

And just for kicks, check out these progress pics, just to show you how much difference the new color makes:

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