Friday, February 8, 2013

YesterProjects: Picture Shelving

I'm posting this project because it's the project that's gotten the 2nd most amount of attention on my Facebook. Read: two whole comments and a Like. You people are hard to please. I'm particularly proud of it because it was my first postpartum project - the first time around. Having had to sit out on a lot of projects while pregnant with my first, i was excited to get back into it all.

Before the picture shelves, we had a series of prints back there: Thomas Cole's Course of Empire. One of my favorites, but i was over it hanging in my living room:
(Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: new curtains, new wall color, new floors, new couch, new? pillows, and straightened out that strip of lights on the ceiling.)

A trip to Home Depot was in order to pick up some boards with a little lip on them to prevent the photos from slipping off. I landed on door moulding, which i then cut with a circ saw to my desired length, and then sanded the ends. (Again, this was before i did tons of descriptive picture-taking, so you'll just have to take my word for it.)

After painting them the same color as our trim...

...i measured everything out on the wall. Here's a pic of Chris making sure i did everything right (because of course he did) after i had already screwed in the first board.

I filled in the screw holes (heh) with putty, and then sanded & painted them when they were dry.

And here's where this leaves us:
Some people in the neighborhood use that space we have behind the couch as a formal dining room. We use it as a toybox. And no, i didn't bother to move their kitchen for the picture. They live here, too...for now.

Here's some sideboob so you can see the amount of "lip" on the end of the moulding.

 And the before & after:

That back wall is indeed painted the same color as the rest of the room. It looks lighter in the pic.

The real issue is if we ever put this place up for sale - how will we get them off the wall? Crowbar? Sledgehammer? Fire? File this under: Things That Would Have Been Great to Consider Yesterday.

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