Wednesday, February 6, 2013


We've finally reached a stopping point for the week. The biggest progress made for the day is rewiring the junction box, and hooking up the phone so, as Chris put it, "people don't think we're dead."

He's so proud of all his work. Especially the part about making pretty babies.

So here's where i left you:

And here's where we are now:

It looks pretty much the same, save for the phone. And, once we get a longer cord, i'll detach it from the wall and put it on that corner unit that i'm not sure we're keeping. And then i'll hide it because who the hell has a land line anymore?? We do, my friends. Because it's 2007 and we don't get great cell reception. Swallow that pill, Verizon.

And before we take tiny break for a few days on this project as it gets both electrically and structurally inspected, i'd like to touch on a few questions:

Why the separation and not just get rid of the wall completely?
That's a good question, Self. There are a few reasons:
- The frame around the kitchen would have to be there whether or not we had a half wall in order to run the wires correctly. It's a safety thing. Either that or we just couldn't figure out how to get rid of the frame and still do things by code. ...Lets go with the former.
- We need a shelf/table there and i didn't like the idea of wall shelves there as it would impede the "flow" we're trying to attain. It'd look too crowded. And since we couldn't put a table flush against the front wall due to the frame, the half wall seemed to be the best solution.
- We liked the separation of the kitchen from the hall, however minimal.*

*I would like to add here that even though this layout works for us, it might not work for everyone, and vice versa. We've seen it done in the neighborhood both with the full wall and without the wall completely, and both can look really fantastic. The half wall just made more sense for us and our situation.

How did we determine the size of the half wall?
Yet another good question, thank me for asking. We wanted to make sure everything "made sense" by planning some symmetry. The height of the wall is 3ft, which is the exact height of our counters. The length of the wall is exactly half of the opening to the kitchen.

When is Arrested Development coming back?
The new season will be released on Netflix this coming May.


The kitchen will remain in this state until we put up drywall and trim on the weekend. I'm sure you're looking forward to it. (I am! This is my life now!)

Until then, i will torture you with posts about Projects Past, like that time we put an entire full bathroom into my bedroom closet.

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