Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This is where i left you yesterday:

It was at this stage in the project that i took the kids out to their grandparent's house so that Chris Smash could happen on the house. Despite my numerous requests for progress pictures, there are none because he was "too busy making progress." Touché.

After the destruction and the rebuilding of the newly framed wall, Chris started the wiring process. Why anyone would make that wall one of the main wire junctions in the entire house is beyond me, but they did, and now it's up to us to move everything. Thanks a lot, jerks of 1982.
Chris attaching outlets

And our junction box, formerly in the very center of the now downed wall (so dumb & tacky - we had to cover it with a poster), is now up super high on the trim. Accessible, but not too noticeable.
(Note: We later realized this particular box was too small for this many wires, so he hooked up a larger box)

No. We didn't keep the masking tape on live wires. We ain't no dummies.

Moving the lightswitch was relatively easy. Chunks had to be taken out of the lower walls to run wires. [Not pictured: the 1'x2' hole in the basement ceiling from all this wire-running. And it's not pictured because it's an awful popcorn ceiling that was put in as a huge "screw you" from the former owners, and i'm doing you a favor by not posting it. You're welcome.]

Now, i do consider myself a handygirl. I love DIY projects and anything that i can do myself is ultimately done that way. But my main assignment during this whole renovation is to keep the kids alive. There was one small thing Chris asked me to do, which was to screw in the light switches and lightplate. And due to things not being lined up correctly, it took me about 20 minutes. My 10 month old cried and whined at my feet literally the entire time. From now on, he's going to relate lightswitches to being abandoned for good.

So here's where i'll leave you until next time:

Meet Sadie: resident cat and official floor tester. Because if she can walk on it without it breaking, then so can 50 full grown humans.

Care for a small recap? Here's where we picked up:

And here's where we'll leave off:

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