Thursday, February 7, 2013

YesterProjects: Master Bath Edition

Putting in our master bathroom was our biggest project in every sense of the word. It was done way back in February - April 2008, before descriptive picture-taking happened, so you'll have to bear with me. Before we had a master bath, we shared a full bath (now the guest/kid bath) with the whole upstairs. This isn't the 90's anymore. Get a master bath. The original bathroom even had two doors: one for our room and one leading out into the hallway. Not that it made it awkward at all when our guests would walk in on me while i was going pee at 2am. They'd just join me and pee right into the tub. (No eye contact, though, so it was ok.)

Just to emphasize: this was entirely a DIY job. Plumbing, electricity, drywall - everything. Chris did the majority of the work as usual when it comes to projects like this. I, on the other hand, hung out with pneumonia until it was time to drywall, paint, and tile. True story.

Here's the "before" picture as taken from the door of the now-guest bathroom:
This window will become the new bathroom's window. My closet is behind those mirrored doors on the right.

And, do me a favor and bear with the hideous decor. Rest assured that we no longer have those curtains, that comforter, that mirror, or the TV & stand i'm about to subject you to. We had just moved in and haphazardly threw things up that would suffice - something that i have recently learned to Never do.

Here's a pic illustrating the odd L-shaped layout of the master bedroom, and the cutoff line for where we started the master bath:
 (We no longer have this wall color, either.)

Let the construction (and new paint color?) begin! Can you imagine your bedroom looking like this for two and a half months?

And forget about the bedroom, what about the main level of the house? We had to take apart the ceiling in the living room to do all the plumbing for the upstairs. Ridiculous.

And again, bear with the decor. We no longer have those curtains, those doorknobs, the couch, that entire floor, the deck out back, that wall color, or that enormous TV. And that coffee table is now a different color, but that's a short post for another day.

But anyway. Stressful. Back upstairs, this is what was going on behind that dropcloth:

When the plumbing and electricity was all hooked up and in working order, we got to putting in the drywall:

Next came floors, vinyl tub, and floor tile. And yes, we chose a tub instead of a shower for practical resale purposes, and i chose a vinyl drop-in over tiled walls because i don't hire people to clean my house. Ok? I do it all by myself, and if i had to scrub shower tile and grout every two weeks, i would have killed myself by now. I also chose the wall color: Nurture by Behr. I love it.

And since i don't have any more pics of the process, i'll just go on and welcome you to our brand new master bathroom!

(We have since gotten a white fabric shower curtain)

And to help with your bearings:

Again with the cream & white - i love it together.

Chris keeps insisting that we get a door to make that corner shelving a proper closet, but i veto that every time he brings it up. I like the open shelving with baskets. Doors just get in the way and encourage sloppy messes. Kind of like those button-fly jeans. Button-fly jeans are responsible for only 1% of fly-down cases, but 78% of cases of adults peeing their pants because a button got stuck. FACT.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

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