Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Now that the frame is built, the floor is fixed, and everything passed inspection, drywalling happens! But first, we had to make our mark on the place. And after we peed on the framing, we signed our names.

Here is Chris putting up the first piece. Gentle but firm.

He did have one small casualty, though, while cutting that drywall...he sliced off a piece of his finger. As in, there was a piece of his finger laying on the drywall. I was alerted to this issue while i was upstairs getting the kids ready for the day and i heard, "AH! Erin, i need a bandaid!"
This tiny bandaid doesn't stand in the way of his drywalling. But it does stand in the way of his doing dishes, bathing or dressing the kids, changing a diaper, preparing any kind of meal, going to grab something on a different floor, getting up to get the remote, and holding conversation. When you ask him to do any of these things, he simply says, "Bandaid," and the subject is dropped.

  Next comes putting on the corners:

And then mudding. If you're unfamiliar, mudding is like plastering all of the joints to make sure we have a nice, smooth finish with no visible seams.

The picture below is what everything looked like after the first mudding. There were three rounds of this mess.

The sanding was worse. Specifically because neither of us thought to hang up a fuc*ing dropcloth and Dust. Got. Everywhere.

You can even see it in the air.

 And on the floor down the hall in the living room.

Finally, you have your spectactular After. After the floor leveling  The drywall. The mudding. The sanding. You're left with this simple beauty, a promise of things to come. The light at the end of the tunnel is now visible, and it is glorious.

So, before all that floor nonsense, here is where i left you:

Which brings us to now:

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